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Motorised Blinds Promoting Blind Safety



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Benefits of Using Motorised Window Blinds

Admit it, motorised blinds used to be a luxury option, not affordable to the budget conscious homeowner. Motorised blinds give a beautiful finish for the design-conscious homeowner and bring convenience and safety to the home.Let’s face it the idea of controlling window blinds at the touch of a button, especially if you can do it from your phone anywhere in the world, is pretty appealing and has benefits. It’s So ConvenientIn a modern house with large windows, motorised blinds become the perfect solution to meet the need for window shading at the touch of a button. No need to move, when it can all be achieved by remote control.You can find motorised blinds to suit any size of window. Low voltage electric blinds are better suited to small and medium-size windows. However, a mains powered blind will be needed for large windows, and can cover up to a 7m drop! You can operate any of the blinds from one central remote control, without effort and even without being there. Combined with a ti…

Choosing Roller Blinds vs. Roman Blinds

What Are The Major Differences Between Roller & Roman Blinds? It doesn't matter if you are decorating your new home or adding life to your currenthome, matching your furniture and your major decorative items, such as mirrors, artwork, lighting, are often your top targets. Window treatmentscan be at the bottom of your priority list. We get it! Nevertheless, you shouldn't underestimate the impact of a dramatic drape or bespoke blind. Choosing the right kind can be an overwhelming problem. There are so many colours, materials, patterns, and styles to choose from. Roman shades and roller blinds are two options that should be at the top of your viewing list. A Roman shade offers an elegance and richness that is similar to drapes. The downside is that dust and other bits can get trapped between all those decorative layers. Roller blinds may be practical, but they tend to lack a certain level of oomph compared to roman blinds.

So, what's best for your room can come down to p…