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Motorised Pleated Blinds

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10 reasons Why You Should Invest in Motorised Blinds

Today we’d like to talk about motorised blinds. Because we receive so many questions about this popular window coverage, we felt it important to try and cover as many as we could in a single blog post. We’re going to be looking at how they work, why they’re so popular and whether they’re worth the investment.We already know the appeal of blinds in general, the accurate coverage they give, the versatile range of designs, colours and styles. But now motorised blinds take it up a notch, and not only give you all of the above, but just that little bit more with convenience and functionality.How do motorised blinds work? Motorised blinds are the smart, easy option for your window. They’re raised and lowered with a motor, so you no longer have to think about cordless solutions, chains or lift cords at all. Simply by pressing a single button your shades will lower and raise, and not only that, you can operate more than one blind at a time, and if you have the app on your phone or tablet, fro…